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How to Make A Fabric Necklace Pendant
  How to make cloth jewelry  

This is a simple way to make beautiful jewelry using a scrap of fabric and our inexpensive glass, pendant trays, and Glamour Seal. You’re going to love what you make!


30x40 Pendant Blanks
30x40 Regular Glass
Glamour Seal
Fabric scraps (I used lightweight cotton)

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You’re going to use your fingers, so keep the damp paper towels handy.

Put a drop of Glamour Seal on the domed side of the glass and spread it around with your finger. Avoid applying too much, or the glue may soak through the fabric. Avoid using too little because you need the fabric to stick to the glass.

How to make cloth jewelry

Clean your finger and cover the dome with your fabric leaving about 1/4” of excess fabric all around the glass.

How to make cloth jewelry

Flip over, and place on your palm on top of parchment paper and press into the cup of your hand. This gives even pressure which helps prevent glue from seeping through the fabric.The parchment paper prevents the glue from sticking to our hand.

How to make cloth jewelry

Gently, press the fabric to the glass to smooth it and make contact. You may need to use your fingers to smooth out any folds in the fabric. Once you have the fabric smoothed on the domed surface, allow it to dry for a few minutes.

How to make fabric jewelry

Once the domed surface is covered and dry, trim excess fabric, leaving about 1/4” excess around the entire glass. You need enough to tuck under the glass.

How to make cloth jewelry

Once trimmed, apply a small amount of Glamour Seal around the edge of the flat part of the glass. Press the fabric to the glass, and smooth as best as you can.

How to make cloth jewelry

Press the fabric firmly to the sides of the glass to help flatten the creases.

How to make cloth jewelry

Then apply a final layer of Glamour Seal to the entire flat side of the glass and fabric.

How to make fabric jewelry

Now it’s time to press the fabric covered glass into the pendant setting.
Press firmly, and allow to dry. Notice how I didn't apply it near the edges. That's to prevent it from oozing up the sides when I place it in the setting.

HOw to make fabric pendants

TIP: If you get Glamour Seal on the fabric, wipe it off with a clean damp paper towel before it dries.

Making jewelry with fabric

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